Homesbook Factoring McGouldrick's Pool and Sports Bar

Thanks to Volunteers

The board would like to take the opportunity to thank all of the volunteers who contributed, in various ways, to the running of the club during the 2016-17 season.

Many of those people are listed below and the efforts of everyone associated with The Bully Wee continues to be vital to its operations.


Gordon Sydney (main door), Jean Dalziel (boardroom), Karen MacPherson (boardroom), Allan Wilson (car park supervisor), John Anderson (supporter liaison), Fin McKay (match announcer), Connor McKay (assistant match announcer), Richie Duncan (standby match announcer), Ryan Gorman (ballboy coordinator), Cara McKay (programme seller), David Alexander (half-time draw), Jake Stirling (half-time draw), Graham Forrest (press liaison), Jamie Porritt (mascots), Gordon MacDonald (club doctor), John McKinnon (club chaplain)


David Alexander, Gerry Dunn, Charlie Lowrie

Club58 / Bar58

David Alexander, Dom Jack, Ellis Kearton, Tom Kelly, Bob Kyle, Gordon McLaren, David Meldrum, Arthur Murray, Graham Murray, Gary Paterson


John Anderson, David Douglas, Richie Duncan, Stephanie Duncan, Debi Higgins, Rory Holmes, Sam Linton, Stevie Morton, Arthur Murray, Graham Murray, Lynne Shanks, Paul Shanks, Gordon Sydney


Marion Armstrong, Terry Ashton, Robert Brownlie, Danny Carr, David Dalziel, John Glass, Debbie Hardie, Jamie Hughes, Carol Jenkins, Ian Johnston, Tom McCorkindale, Campbell McIntyre, George Morrison, Maureen Nisbet, Steven Sallie, Eric Steel, Alan Stewart

Digital Media

Graham Forrest, Andy Muir, Andrew Clark, Dom Jack

Clyde View

Rory Brechin, Gerry Dunn, Ian Dunn, Michael Fuller, Sean Hart, Rob Kelvin, Sandy MacDonald, Alan Maxwell, Graham Murray, Paul Pettigrew, Mark Pirie, Craig Rodger, Gordon Sydney, Craig Todd, Karen Welsh, David Worton


Craig Black, James Turnbull, Adam Oliver

Clyde Archive

Gordon Sydney, Sean Hart

The club also acknowledges the excellent efforts of all associated with Clyde Powerchair FC and the superb community work carried out by the many contributors to the Clyde Foundation, including the Cumbernauld and Southside Schools of Football.

If you would like to become a volunteer, please visit the dedicated Volunteer page, or contact to discuss any areas where you believe you could help the club in the new season.