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Ownership & Donations

Your involvement as an owner ensures that Clyde FC remains a forward-thinking and community-driven club. Ownership at Clyde FC is about more than just football; it’s about community impact, shared experiences, and a common passion for the game. Whether you are near or far, your support helps sustain our beloved club and secures its future for generations to come. As an owner, you play a crucial role in shaping the future of the club, making decisions that matter, and supporting the club’s growth and success on and off the pitch.

We would like to thank you for your continued support and are pleased to outline the benefits of your Clyde Ownership.

  • Influence Club Decisions – Exercise your right in the one-member-one-vote policy, where your voice and vote can influence important club decisions, ensuring that the club’s direction aligns with the values and aspirations of its supporters.
  • Exclusive Access – Gain exclusive access to special events with players and management. These intimate gatherings, reserved for owners only, offer a closer look at the club’s operations and a chance to interact with key figures without the presence of media or non-members.
  • Adherence to Club Values – As an owner, you’ll be at the heart of the club’s ethos, helping to uphold and promote our Club Values and Code of Conduct, which are fundamental to our identity and operations.
  • Community Engagement – Be an integral part of community initiatives driven by the club. Our owners are ambassadors of the club in the community, promoting projects that benefit both the club and the local area.

The subscription fee for owners is £60 per year.

You can choose below between an annual payment, or a recurring payment (minimum £5 per month).

Ownerships can also be purchased offline, by completing a paper application form and returning to the address with cash or cheque.

Choose your amount

If selecting the monthly option, you can also choose to donate an additional amount of money also collected on a monthly basis. By choosing one of the options to donate a higher amount, you will be contributing directly to the player budget available to the manager each season, and offering your club the resources needed to compete as we enter a new era.

For any supporter who wishes to make a monthly donation without becoming an owner, please contact Gordon Nisbet.

Hearts Cast In A Foundry

Clyde FC pioneered supporter ownership in Scotland. Borne of the necessity, at the time, to save the club from financial crisis, we paved a path on which around a quarter of SPFL clubs have now followed.

Our aim is sustainable success. Our vision is to achieve this independently, with our future dictated by no one but ourselves. No one but the supporters whom Mattha Gemmell famously described as having their hearts cast in a foundry.

Becoming an owner is your opportunity to prove that the resilience to which our legendary trainer referred is still alive today, ready to drive us forward to whatever tomorrow brings.

CFC Owners

Clyde FC currently has 339 owners.

The names of all current owners are available to view on the CIC Owners page.