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Exciting Finish to Powerchair Season

The final round of fixtures in this season’s SPFA Powerchair League took place recently at the Peak Sports Centre, Stirling. 

At the start of the day, Tayside Dynamos were top of the table with Clyde Alba just one point behind and Clyde Caledonia three points behind. Only the Clyde teams could pip the Dynamos, but they needed to win all three remaining fixtures.

Caledonia’s first fixture was against Glasgow Gladiators Bravehearts. Without hitting top form, Caledonia won 2-0. Alba also won their first match 2-0 against Glasgow Gladiators Claymores but, ominously, Tayside Dynamo won their first fixture thus maintaining their lead.

The next set of fixtures saw Caledonia take on the Dynamos. Although it was a fairly even match, Dynamos took advantage of a couple of defensive errors to win the match 2-0, ending Caledonia’s slim hopes of winning the title. Alba faced the improving South Ayrshire Tigers but a very convincing performance saw them win 3-1, setting up a title decider against Dynamos. 

Clyde Caledonia ended their league campaign in a disappointing manner with a 3-1 defeat against South Ayrshire Tigers, but they already had enough points to ensure they finished third in the table.

That just left the title decider; Dynamos still had their one point lead and so only needed a draw. Clyde Alba needed the win but they had defeated Dynamos 4-0 in their last meeting. The match went as most people expected. Alba threw everything but the kitchen sink at Dynamo, who seldom ventured out of their own half. Indeed, the Alba goalkeeper was a virtual spectator. However, Dynamo defended magnificently and held out for the title-winning draw.

Although disappointed, the two Clyde teams can be proud of their performances over the season. Both will be looking to go one better next season.

Results from the day:-

Glasgow Gladiators Claymores 0-1 Tayside Dynamos
Glasgow Gladiators Bravehearts 0-2 Clyde Caledonia
Glasgow Gladiators Claymores 0-2 Clyde Alba
Glasgow Gladiators Bravehearts 1-4 South Ayrshire Tigers
Tayside Dynamos 2-0 Clyde Caledonia
Clyde Alba 3-1 South Ayrshire Tigers
Glasgow Gladiators Bravehearts 1-0 Glasgow Gladiators Claymores
Clyde Caledonia 1-3 South Ayrshire Tigers
Tayside Dynamos 0-0 Clyde Alba

Final league positions for season 2016-17

1 Tayside Dynamo 15 9 5 1 38
2 Clyde Alba 15 9 4 2 37
3 Clyde Caledonia 15 6 5 4 32
4 South Ayrshire Tigers 15 6 3 6 30
5 Glasgow Gladiators Claymores 15 3 2 10 23
6 Glasgow Gladiators Bravehearts 15 2 1 12 20