Relocation Project

The Journey Home

By exercising our option to terminate our lease at Broadwood, Clyde Football Club has committed to a strategic priority of returning to the city where the club was founded almost 150 years ago.

This was a decisive commitment ending years of speculation. It is a step taken with every confidence that this ambition will be realised. Our plans now put the longer term objective of sustainable growth and stability in our own stadium to the top of the agenda, and will finally “level the playing field” between ourselves and those of our peers who have benefited from autonomy at their own stadia throughout.

While, as a club, we cannot share every twist and turn as we would like, the key landmarks will be collated on this page as information goes into the public domain, and issues relating to the Relocation will be answered in Q&A format below. These will be revised as the project develops and suggestions for new topics are welcomed, and can be submitted online.

Relocation Q&A

Clyde FC Community Foundation is currently bidding for the Crownpoint Sports Complex located on the Gallowgate, less than a mile to the east of Glasgow Cross. The bid is through the People Make Glasgow Communities (PMGC) process and is for the full site including full-size and five a side pitches, athletics track, buildings and parking. If successful, a community stadium will be built at the southern end of the site which is currently occupied by a full size 3G pitch and five a side pitches. This stadium would become Clyde FC’s new home.
If the current PMGC bid is successful, the legal transfer should be completed in late 2023 or early 2024. How long it will take to have a stadium that meets the licencing requirements for senior football will depend largely on the logistics of a phased build. Our lease at New Douglas Park is for three seasons with an option to extend for a further two. At the current rate of progress, we believe that moving after the third season (2024/25) is achievable, but the option of additional seasons offers a contingency if required.
The PMGC process allows for a variety of options including either management, lease, or outright ownership of assets. The stated intention of the Community Foundation from the outset has been to purchase the Crownpoint complex outright. In this scenario, as Clyde FC Community Foundation and Clyde FC are separate companies, Clyde FC would be leasing from the Community Foundation. As a club, we have often talked about the difficulties of not “owning” our own ground, but the more precise terminology is that our needs are to have autonomy in our own ground, and this will be achieved.
This is, perhaps, the most common question asked of the relocation team. The answer is that it’s up to you! While certain ambitions might be tempered by resources, the truth is that it’s up to supporters and the local community to input their requirements and the stadium will, as far as possible reflect those ambitions. By popular demand, we are aware that no one wants a single all-seated stand, and that a return of traditional terracing will be welcomed. Once land is secured, the Community Foundation will be consulting with supporters of the club on this subject.

Relocation News

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