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FFIT Courses Begin

With the class – not the glass – full, 25 females have started a new health and fitness programme with the Clyde FC Community Foundation.

On Tuesday evening they took part in Football Fans in Training for Females, a 12-week programme aimed at leading a healthier lifestyle and being more active.

Tom Elliott, Clyde’s Head of Community Development explained: “If we consider that now 66% of adults in Scotland are overweight, then we really need to do something that can help to reduce this number. FFIT has had great success at lots of other Scottish senior football clubs, working with both male and female groups.

“We are delighted with the number of females taking part in the course and looking forward to working with them over the next 12 weeks. The course is all about coming along and making it as relaxed as possible for everyone to enjoy, meet others and have a really good time. For many this is the start of a wonderful journey that can have life changing experiences.”

The male version of the course will begin on Monday night – for full details, please visit the Community section of the website.