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Business Club Appointment

The club is pleased to announce the appointment of Graham Murray as the new Head of the Clyde Business Club.

The Business Club is in its second season and Graham, a lifelong fan of The Bully Wee, is determined to build on the excellent foundations laid by Craig and Gary Hosie of PTS Clean. The brothers, who manage the Rutherglen-based company, have completed a handover of responsibilities.

Speaking to the official website, Graham said:-

“I’m absolutely thrilled to take on this position. I was very keen to get involved in helping the club out in any way I could which led to me attending the first volunteer registration night two weeks ago. It was a pleasure to be involved in such a positive and fully engaged conversation, with everyone in attendance fully committed in collectively doing whatever they could to help the club.

“It is widely acknowledged that with the right commitment and attention, the Business Club is an excellent opportunity for any sized business to network with a variety of other businesses, whilst getting exposure on the club’s website and award-winning matchday programme. Business to business networking events are gathering real traction at the moment and, with renewed commitment and fresh impetus, there’s no reason why any business large or small would not benefit greatly from the opportunities available. There is no need to make wholesale changes to the existing model, however there will be some fresh updates in the near future detailing some new initiatives.

“It is essential that we provide an attractive and achievable return for investment and I will be looking to contact every current member to get their thoughts and to gauge what they would like to achieve from the Business Club in the future. Most importantly, I want to thank and reward their commitment so far.

“Finally, the one thing I would ask all Clyde fans to do is to think how a membership could be beneficial for their place of employment or through their very own network. Only together will we be able to fully maximise the potential the Business Club undoubtedly has. 

“Please feel free to contact me – I would welcome any ideas or thoughts anyone may have. Together we are Clyde.”

Graham can be contacted by email at

Chairman John Alexander commented, “We are delighted that Graham has come forward to give his time, expertise and enthusiasm to the club in this way. We are also indebted to Gary and Craig of PTS Clean, who gave up their time during the formative stages to launch and then establish the Business Club.”