Q&A With… Pat Clarke

The Official Website’s Grant Morton caught up with recent addition Pat Clarke, ahead of yet another vital match for The Bully Wee at the weekend…

GM: What is your opinion of last week’s game with Dundee?
PC: We were all disappointed to lose the game, especially 2-0. Although we worked hard we didn’t play well as a unit. Defensively we weren’t really up to it and I think that is why we lost two goals.

How has the atmosphere been at the club this week?
Fine. Everyone is in good spirits, although we’re all aware of where we are at the moment. Last weeks game hasn’t affected morale and we’re looking forward to the game at the weekend against Livingston.

Is everyone ready for Livingston?
Yes, definitely. Everyone is really up for it and we’re looking for three points. I, personally, thrive on big games like this and cannot wait for Saturday.

Is it a “winner takes all” game?
I wouldn’t say so. We’re all aware of the importance of the game but we mustn’t let it get to us or change our approach, as that could affect our performance.

How has training been this week?
It’s been alright, similar to the usual routine. We played a practice match yesterday, trying out different formations and team selections. That gave everyone a chance to impress for Saturday as everyone wants to play.

How are you finding life at Clyde?
It’s good, I’m really enjoying it here, although I’m not enjoying where we are at the moment. I hope to do my best for the club and I am giving everything to help save the club from the play-offs. I’m relishing the challenges that I’ve been presented with here.

What has impressed you at the club?
I’ve been really impressed with the gaffer. Obviously it was a new gaffer when I came in so I don’t know what it was like before but I am really impressed with the professionalism at the club. Everything is the way it should be.

You signed for the club before the John Brown was appointed although when you arrived he was the manager. Were you apprehensive about this?
Not really. I knew that the club wanted to sign me and not just the manager. My friends were phoning me asking what I was going to do but I wasn’t worried! The club made it clear that they still wanted me and I was happy with that.

What tempted you to Clyde?
The opportunity to play for the club. I knew that the club was not in the greatest position and I did have other opportunities but I felt that Clyde was the ideal club for me and would help me develop my game.

Do you think you have improved as a player in the short time you have been here?
I feel I’ve got more to show in my game, I wouldn’t say I’ve hit top form yet. There are a lot of things I’ve still to improve on.

How does Clyde compare with Cowdenbeath?
The obvious difference is part-time and full-time football, therefore there is a lot more training here. Clyde are obviously a bigger club. I enjoyed my time at Cowdenbeath though and it was a good club for me at that stage of my career.

Before Cowdenbeath you were at Raith. Is it fair to say things didn’t go as planned there?
It didn’t go the way it should have. I don’t feel that I got a fair crack of the whip. I knew I was good enough to play and many of the fans and players felt the same way but the manager disagreed. I don’t know why and I still don’t have an answer to this day.

Do you have any messages for the fans?
I hope to keep improving and impress the fans more.