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Supporters Team On Brink

As much as I would like the headline to announce some positive news, alas it is indeed quite the opposite. Currently, as things stand, the original Clyde Supporters AFC is only a few weeks from folding.

The team has been competing now for 25 years, but unless new blood comes forward – not just on the playing side but more importantly on the managerial/coaching side of things – then the likelihood is that the CSAFC will be unable to fulfill this season’s fixtures.

Founding architect of the Supporters’ Team Stevie Morton has stepped back into the managerial void for the next three weeks to allow some breathing space. He does this in the sincere hope that this plea to fellow Clyde fans who would like to be involved in some capacity of Sunday Amateur Football will result in a favourable response.

Proud History

As mentioned, the team has enjoyed more than its fair share of success over its proud 25 year existence within the Supporters League. Sure, in its infancy it could boast a full compliment of Clyde supporting players but as the years wore on (and with more retirements than new faces) they found themselves supplementing their numbers with non-supporters. Although, keeping this to within an acceptable level was, to be fair, the preferred criteria.

League titles, yes even trebles, were achieved. Of course it wouldn’t be Clyde if the odd year of relegation materialised but they would bounce back proud as ever, their sound and merited reputation in tact.

An end of season game with the Clyde First Team was at one time an automatic annual event but, with the managerial merry-go-round at Broadwood in recent seasons, this became a casualty. There’s no reason why it couldn’t be resurrected.


Like every team in the land, there is always a social side to things and at CSAFC it is no different. End of season trips and Player of the Year functions, to name just two, are well documented if not legendary.

Back in August 1982 we adopted what was top of the singles charts as our Anthem; “Come On Eileen.” No particular reason other than that we could do a crazy dance to it! Well, 25 years down the road, topping the charts in August was “With Every Heartbeat.” Unless we succeed in finding the right people to carry on the proud status of the Clyde Supporters name then its heart might cease to beat again.

Please, if you are interested in playing (age 17 and over) or know of someone who would be willing to be fulfill a prime position at the Supporters Team contact Stevie Morton at any of the following:-


Gordon Nisbet
Former Captain