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Sportman’S Dinner A Big Success

Almost 300 people, including most of the first team squad, attended the Clyde FC Sportsman’s Dinner on Sunday night, and all enjoyed a memorable evening at the Holiday Inn. The main purpose of the event was to conclude the ‘Keeping the Jersey Warm’ initiative by announcing the winning Dream Team, and also to raise funds for Youth Development. Both were duly accomplished, with a fantastic five figure total being raised to aid next season’s various youth teams.

The Dream Team, consisting of players from different age categories who excelled in a combination of areas, can be found at the bottom of the page.

At the top table were Dougie Donnelly (Master of Ceremonies), speakers Andy Cameron, John McKelpie and Bill Copland, Alan Kernaghan (Manager), John Bean (Head of Youth Development) and Gerry Dunn (Club Director).

All three speakers provided terrific entertainment, as did Dougie Donnelly who was clearly delighted to help out the club he has supported most of his life. Andy Cameron amused the audience with one story in particular about being ‘dragged’ out to Brockville on a wet and windy Tuesday night by Dougie… thankfully to see Clyde win 6-1!

The raffle and auction created much interest, with prizes such as signed Premiership strips and games of golf with the Clyde Chairman and Manager on offer.

At the end of the night, John Taylor was presented with a gift from all Clyde View contributors for his hard work in producing such a fine publication once again this year, and Dougie Donnelly and Andy Cameron were given their own special editions of the new 2003/04 home strip to thank them for their generosity. The website can also exclusively reveal that David Hagen was awarded the “Best Dressed Player” award!

Commercial Director David Mackinnon deserves enormous credit for organising a great night, which will hopefully be an annual event in the future.

DREAM TEAM (4-4-2)

Chris Hanley(U-13)

JP McKeever(U-15) Jamie Wilson(U-15) Ian Cook(U-11) Gerry McLaughlin(U-13)

Craig Bryson(U-16) Grant Evans(U-12) Frankie McKeever(U-13) Paul McLean(U-14)

Liam Cusack(U-13) Kevin Bradley(U-16)

SUBS: Matthew Sheridan(U-12), Scott Anson(U-13), Ross McLenaghan(U-13), Gary McDevitt(U-14), Kevin Gillen(U-16), Josh Flood(U-10)


HOMEPAGE: Dougie Donnelly with his special strip.
TOP: Alan Kernaghan gives Andy Cameron his version of the 125 jersey.
MIDDLE: John Taylor (left) receives his gift and David Hagen shows off his kilt.

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