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Danny: Nothing Changes

Danny Lennon spoke to the official website today, ahead of a significant final match of the 2018-19 Ladbrokes League 2 season at Cowdenbeath on Saturday.

The Clyde manager was keen to stress that there would be no change in approach at Central Park:-

“Nothing changes for us going into this game. Our focus, every time we take to the pitch wearing that Clyde jersey, is to win the match by working hard and bringing out the best of each other.

“We’ve got to continue to show a winning mentality to get positive results.”

Danny continued by affirming that the staff and players would continue to be prepared for every outcome:-

“Our ambition to get promoted hasn’t changed. If we achieve that by lifting silverware on Saturday, that would be great. We are depending on another team having an off day to achieve that, not forgetting that we must take care of winning our game.

“However, we must also be ready for the possibility that the play-offs are the route to take us to promotion. To succeed through that path, we must keep winning, so again nothing changes for us going into Saturday’s game.”

With a large Clyde support expected to travel to Cowdenbeath, Danny once again emphasised how important the backing was to the team:-

“I know that we’ll have another fantastic away support at Central Park and it’s going to be a huge help to the players when they go out onto the park. 

“It’s great that free buses have been organised for supporters and again that shows the sort of unity that we want right across the whole club, to help us achieve our aims together.”