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Ally Focuses on Momentum

Clyde forward Ally Love spoke to the press following Saturday’s win over Queen’s Park at Broadwood.

Despite the victory and the 3-0 scoreline, Love revealed that the staff and squad felt that there was still room for improvement:-

“We can definitely still improve. I missed a chance with a header that I’ve got too much on in the first half. We said at half-time that we were giving the ball away too cheaply for the standards that we’ve set this season. We had a few more chances as well so it could have been more than three in the end.”

The 27-year-old said that the players were in good spirits ahead of the final match of the regular season at Cowdenbeath, with the title still within reach and at least a play-off spot secured:-

“We’re very happy that we’ve taken it to the last day of the season. We knew from the crowd’s reaction at the end of the game that something had happened in the Peterhead match.

“It’s still in Peterhead’s hands, but we’ve been saying for the last couple of months that we need to keep building momentum. Regardless of whether we win the league or go into the play-offs, the most important thing is that we keep the winning mentality. We’ve got that very strongly in the dressing room.”

Ally concluded by sending his thoughts to John Rankin, who suffered a broken ankle following an unfortunate collision in the first half:-

“All of the boys will be calling or texting John to see how he is. He’s a big character and massive for us in the changing room. I feel sorry for him – he was getting back in to win the ball, which shows his attitude, and I think their player has tried to cross or shoot and caught his leg. We all send our best wishes to him.

“We’ve still got competition for places though, which is healthy, and we know that no matter who comes in they will do a job for the team.”