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Danny Looks Ahead

Danny Lennon spoke to the official website today, to give his thoughts and an update to supporters following a difficult few days for the club.

The Clyde manager started by calling for everyone associated with The Bully Wee to pull together:-

“I see Clyde as a family where everyone, management, players, staff, directors and supporters, should all stick together through thick and thin and look out for each other. This is absolutely crucial if we are to achieve our aim.

“We have a genuine shot at getting ourselves promoted this season and, in order to achieve that goal, we must have unity. Calls for individuals to resign over this is a sign of disunity. It is the easiest thing in the emotional rollercoaster that is football for people to throw in the towel and start squabbling when something goes wrong. Finger pointing is not helpful and should stop now. We must put our hurts to the side and work hard together to overcome this setback.

“A human error has been made, a genuine mistake, and I trust all those involved completely. It is easy to show strength and unity when everything is going well. When we hit adversity, we are given an opportunity to show who we really are. 

“Everyone makes mistakes. People do not see all the hard work that goes on behind the scenes at the club on a daily basis and how much people contribute. If you don’t contribute you therefore can’t make a mistake, and that’s the unfairness of it all. The contribution Clyde FC receives from those behind the scenes is vital and worth far more than four points could ever be. They should be congratulated and thanked for what they give to the club week after week, not criticised for one honest mistake.

“We now have a hard road ahead, but it is not unsurmountable. I’m sure if the support and unity everyone has shown up until now is maintained we can go on and eventually achieve our goal.”

Danny explained that a meeting was held with the staff and first team squad, before Saturday’s journey to Elgin:-

“I requested that the SPFL delayed announcing the outcome from Friday night to Saturday morning, as I felt it was important that we got the players together, with the chairman, to tell them the news as a group and in person.

“They were disappointed, of course they were, but they understand what being part of the Clyde family means. The club has backed them as a group and also many of them personally and they don’t forget that. 

“I’ve made mistakes. The staff have. The players have. Otherwise we’d be top of the table.

“The experienced guys we have will step up and help the younger guys if they need it and I saw that straight away on Saturday. Everyone is still completely focussed on achieving promotion and this news will not change their desire to do it.”

Danny made a special mention of Declan Fitzpatrick and the manner in which he has responded to the eligibility situation:- 

“I think it’s important that we don’t forget about Declan in all of this. The way he has reacted and handled himself has been absolutely fantastic, completely unselfish.

“He can’t play for Clyde for the rest of the season, but we are looking into the possibility of him going out on loan again and we’ll support him with that in the coming days.”

Summarising on Saturday’s 2-1 defeat at Elgin City, Danny was honest about the outcome, but praised the Clyde supporters who made the long journey north:-

“Elgin deserved the win in difficult conditions, so I have no complaints.

“We got fantastic support from the travelling fans again and that demonstrates the unity and strong contribution that I’m talking about.”

Danny concluded by looking ahead, both to the coming days and months as the 2018-19 season enters its final stage:-

“We have a very busy period coming up, with three matches in a week, but all at home. The squad will be stretched to cope with the demands that this brings, but again this is where everyone in the squad is required to bring everything that they’ve got to get the points we so strongly desire.

“Our run of form over the past few months has been a tremendous achievement. We dust ourselves down now and we go again, looking to replicate that form or better it, until the last ball has been kicked this season.

“I urge everyone to look forward now. Our aim remains the same; bring our best into every single match and look to work our way up and out of this league. That is achievable and we need everyone working together to do it.”