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Win a Signed Clyde Shirt

As previously announced, the Clyde Foundation recently joined forces with NHS Lanarkshire to launch a campaign to raise awareness of the dangers of second hand smoke. The club’s mascot, Bully Wee the Bull and Jenny’s Bear fronted the campaign which encouraged fans and visitors to only smoke outdoors and for families to make their homes and cars smoke-free zones.

The campaign is nearly finished and the Foundation is looking for supporters to engage in a closing survey, with all participants having the chance of winning a signed Clyde shirt for the new 2017-18 season. To enter, complete the survey here:

Second hand smoking means breathing in other people’s tobacco smoke and the smoke from a burning tip of a cigarette. Second hand smoke can linger in the air for up to five hours even after the cigarette is extinguished.  Most of it is invisible you can’t see or smell it, and is harmful to everyone’s health including your pets.

Lynn Adams, Health Improvement Senior for Tobacco/NHS Lanarkshire said: “The best thing anyone can do for their family is to have a smoke-free home and car. We are urging all families in Lanarkshire to become positive anti-tobacco role models and by doing so they are protecting children from the harmful toxins in tobacco smoke.”

The campaign targeted families since children are more at risk from second hand smoke, because:

  • Their lungs are still very delicate and are still developing
  • Children and babies often don’t have the choice or can’t move out of the way of second hand smoke
  • Children exposed to tobacco smoke have a higher risk of having; bronchitis, chest infections, coughing, wheezing, ear infections and asthma attacks.

If you want help and support to stop smoking you can call NHS Lanarkshire’s Stop Smoking Service on 0300 303 0242 or text ‘Advice’ to 81066. Or, if you would like some hint’s and tips on how to promote a smoke-free home, you can visit the Scottish Government’s second hand smoke campaign website at