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Club Statement – David Goodwillie

The club acknowledges and appreciates the feedback that it has received from supporters and others associated with Clyde FC in relation to the signing of David Goodwillie.

The decision was not one that was taken lightly and we were clear that the signing could be controversial. On a purely footballing assessment the decision was easily made, however we did not ignore the wider societal message that the signing might send.

The coverage of this signing brings the conversation back into the media around an event that has clearly damaged lives and this conversation raises awareness of the need for both responsible decisions and respect. As a socially responsible employer we will always seek to support people, to rebuild lives and careers, especially so after mistakes.

We have on this occasion assessed the person, their abilities and their intentions. We uniquely interviewed the player from a non-footballing perspective and satisfied ourselves that we are offering the opportunity and support for him to begin to reconcile his position and responsibilities and for him to rebuild a sporting career, enabling him to make a positive contribution to the wider footballing community and society as a whole.