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SFA Powerchair Football League 15-16

The final round of fixtures in the 2015-16 Scottish Powerchair Football League took place on Sunday 24th April at The Peak Sports Centre, Stirling.

At the start of the day, Clyde Caledonia were two points behind the leaders, Tayside Dynamo, in joint second place alongside Queen’s Park Strollers. Clyde Alba couldn’t win the league title but could certainly influence where it ended up.

Clyde Caledonia had the perfect start, winning their first two fixtures comfortably. Then came the crunch match against Tayside Dynamo. This turned out to be as tight a fixture as expected. Goal scoring opportunities were virtually zero until midway through the second half when a lucky bounce brought the Dundee team the only goal of the match. That effectively gave them the championship.

The tension was not, however, over. Clyde Alba won their first two fixtures comfortably but their final fixture of the day was against Queen’s Park Strollers, who could – by virtue of a win over Alba – nick second place from Clyde Caledonia. Strollers had already beaten Alba twice in the league but on this occasion the Clyde team did their club mates a favour and held Strollers to a 0-0 draw, ensuring that Clyde Caledonia finished in second place. Incidentally, that was the first draw in this league campaign.

As a strange footnote to the campaign, Tayside Dynamo, having clinched the title in their second last fixture, lost their final fixture to then bottom of the table South Ayrshire Tigers, enabling them to move off bottom spot.

Thanks are due to all the Clyde Powerchair players and coaches for keeping the Clyde flag flying in Scottish Powerchair Football. The attention now turns to Scottish Cup day on 22nd May.

Results from the day:-

  • Clyde Caledonia 6-0 Queen’s Park Spiders
  • Tayside Dynamo 4-0 Queen’s Park Strollers
  • South Ayrshire Tigers 0-4 Clyde Alba
  • Clyde Caledonia 2-0 South Ayrshire Tigers
  • Queen’s Park Spiders 0-4 Queen’s Park Strollers
  • Clyde Caledonia 0-1 Tayside Dynamo
  • Queen’s Park Spiders 0-2 Clyde Alba
  • Tayside Dynamo 0-2 South Ayrshire Tigers
  • Clyde Alba 0-0 Queen’s Park Strollers

League positions at the end of the season:-

1 Tayside Dynamo 15 12 0 3 39
2 Clyde Caledonia 15 11 0 4 37
3 Queen’s Park Strollers 15 10 1 4 36
4 Clyde Alba 15 7 1 7 30
5 South Ayrshire Tigers 15 2 0 13 19
6 Queen’s Park Spiders 15 2 0 13 19