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Clyde Generations Rally Round

The club is delighted to report that the Clyde Generations shirt project has been a resound-ing success and has exceeded initial expectations.

As a result, 449 names will be sublimated onto next season’s bespoke home strip. 

The club would like to extend sincere thanks to the Clyde FC supporters, past and present, who have embraced the initiative in the true spirit it was intended. Below is a selection of the many favourable comments sent to the club with regards to the project:-

“I am a 91 year old Clyde fan, my dream that one day I would play in a Clyde Shirt. Sadly, my dream never materialised, with Clyde’s Generations shirt initiative my dream can come true in some ways.” – John L Douglas 

“Could you make the James McGregor plural as my grandfather father and I have always been Clyde fans. My father used to run the East Kilbride supporters bus. He passed away recently and he would have loved having his name on the shirt.” – Jim McGregor

“Delighted to help – really good initiative too!” – Dougie Donnelly 

“Glad to be able to be part of it. Nice to be able to include Uncle Andy, the reason I began supporting The Bully Wee. He passed away in the 70s and he would never have imagined the thought of having his name immortalised on a Clyde top.” – Paul Linley

“I’m delighted to support such a brilliant idea, and hope it gets the success it deserves.” – Brian Spoors 

Of course, the initiative had a parallel aspect to it; to assist in reducing this season’s budget deficit. On that basis the club is delighted to report that the fantastic sum of £23,850 was realised.

Clyde director, Gordon Nisbet said: “When we decided to launch this initiative, it was very much in the anticipation that it would immediately resonate with the ‘Clyde Family’, both past and present. By and large this has certainly been the case.

“That’s why we were so determined to have a shirt design that was close to the iconic tops of the past, but also introduce an element of the modern day. I’m pleased to say that this also seems to have found favour with the Bully Wee faithful.”

Arrangements for pre-ordering this unique shirt will be announced very soon, and the list of names that will adorn the shirt next season will be published on the website, to provide confirmation and a further acknowledgement to all those taking part.