Homesbook Factoring McGouldrick's Pool and Sports Bar

Volunteers Required

The club needs to strengthen its volunteer base across its full range of activities and is seeking interested individuals or organisations to become involved, whether they can spare an hour on match day right through to taking on the time commitment of chairman.

We are keen to introduce new blood that can bring a range of skills and experience and a fresh impetus to support those that are spread too thinly over current workloads and projects. There is also a need to address succession planning in some areas, including the role of chair which will be vacated at the end of the current season. This will ensure that the club is not left exposed in the event of the loss of our current significant time contributors.

There are immediate gaps in all of the standard business areas, including commercial, marketing, finance and operations. Additionally there are projects that have not been progressed simply due to lack of volunteer availability and there is also scope for volunteering within our community based network.

With a major relocation project to work towards, there is a need to enhance the group responsible for driving the project. This is a significant priority for the club, as is having a team of people that can make the relocation opportunity a real success. 

We are rightly proud of the volunteer network that has supported the club for many years. These roles range from individuals giving a couple of hours per week right through to very full roles regularly taking up a number of days per week. Our volunteers are valued highly, but are too thin on the ground and are often the first port of call when additional tasks arise and that leads to an element of fatigue.

Whilst we can be proud of the existing volunteers, and those that have served the club previously, we do not have a registered pool of volunteers that can be contacted to help out on ad hoc projects or step into long term roles. The absence of such a pool with specific and relevant skills makes it difficult to innovate or to enlist those who could share responsibility and reduce risk for the club.

The club will organise informal discussion events to talk through what roles might be available, immediately and in the medium term. This includes hearing your views on what roles should exist that are not currently in place.

Whether you can spare an hour a week or have the time and experience to take on a board role, then please register your interest by contacting:

Notes of interest will also be taken at the forthcoming AGM.