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Scott Excited by New Challenge

Left-back Scott Linton spent five years at Cowdenbeath and two seasons at Dumbarton but, after just a matter of weeks at Clyde, the 25-year-old has been delighted with the team spirit that is already running throughout the newly-formed squad.

The defender took time to speak to the official website and he explained that despite the players having only got together for a handful of sessions so far, there is already a strong bond which could prove crucial in the season ahead:-

“Straight from the word go at our first session everybody was really friendly, everybody was speaking to each other, we all just got on and it was great. I think that is only going to improve over the season, so that should stand us in good stead. Especially playing part-time you need to get on with everybody – if there are any cliques in the team that can have an effect on a matchday and it is important that everybody is singing from the same hymn sheet.

“When I joined Dumbarton I only knew one person there and it took me a while to settle in but it feels like I have settled in from the first session at Clyde. 

“Obviously I knew Marko (McLaughlin), Shuggy (Murray) and Archie (Campbell) from Dumbarton and I am now travelling with Scott Durie. I have also played against Sean Higgins over the years so we kind of know each other. I have bedded in really quickly.”

Linton also explained why, after playing 32 games for Championship side Dumbarton last season, he felt the move to The Bully Wee was the right one for him:-

“It is all about a new challenge for me. I had played in the Championship for three or four seasons on the trot and it was always quite similar. I moved from Cowdenbeath to Dumbarton for a change and to work under a new manager and I really enjoyed it. When this opportunity came up I saw it as another challenge, to see what I could do.

“As soon as I spoke to Marko my gut instinct was that I wanted to come but obviously there were a lot of decisions to be made. I spoke quite in depth to him before I signed and he said to me that training is brilliant and like he has never had before. For me, especially when being part-time, it is important that you enjoy training and it is important that it is high intensity and good quality so that was a massive reason why I wanted to join. I have not been let down so far, there has not been one bad session, it has been really enjoyable.

“I’m not bothered about the drop in leagues – for me it is not about what league I am playing in, it is all about the training, who are my team-mates, who the manager is, can the manager get the best out of me, are we going to win something? All of these things were taken into consideration. I have spent the last few years fighting relegation all season and I now want a season of success and the pressure that comes with teams coming to us and us needing to win.

“The professionalism so far has been brilliant – I couldn’t have asked for any more. As soon as I spoke to the gaffer he was saying he wanted to do things right and he has shown that by taking us up North, providing protein drinks, the ice baths and everything else he is doing. So far you would never think Clyde is a League Two club and personally I don’t think it should be a League Two club, so I want to help the club get promoted and back to where it belongs.”

Despite not turning 26 until later this year, Linton has made well over 200 senior appearances already in his career and will bring plenty of experience to the team but, as well as his experience and dangerous left foot, Linton has another trick up his sleeve which The Bully Wee could benefit from next season. 

The left-back may be modest about his long throw but word has spread throughout the changing room of his talent, as he explained:-

“My long throw has been pointed out a few times already – we’ve not even played a game yet and Mark McLaughlin has already been telling everyone about my throw but I would like to think I’ll bring a wee bit more than just that!

“I understand my throw is a weapon that not many people in Scotland have, it is something I am happy to utilise if it helps the team. Ian Murray was big on it last year, he wanted me taking throw-ins from both sides and it caused a bit of bother, although we probably should have scored more from it.”

The defender concluded by looking at the challenge that lies ahead in the upcoming season:-

“We have a great squad and we have our own targets but we know it is not going to be easy. I think with the signings we have made a lot of teams will see us as a challenge and probably raise their game against us so it will be difficult, but I definitely think with the squad we have we should be aiming high.”