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Barry Prepares for Window

As the end of the calendar year approaches, Barry Ferguson has revealed to the official website that work is well underway to strengthen the squad during the January transfer window.

The Clyde manager confirmed that he has already made preparations for some early news:-

“We have agreed for two players to come in at the start of January, but unfortunately I can’t name them just now because they are still contracted to other clubs. The deals are sorted for them to join us on January 1st though.

“I am also working to get another three or four players signed and hopefully we can also have them in by January 1st, as I want to get our business done as early as possible.”

Off the pitch, Ferguson also completed his UEFA A License this week:

“The badges don’t just happen overnight, it takes a lot of work but I am glad that I have done it. I think it was worthwhile and it has taught me a few things.”