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Quiz Trophy Retained

Whilst it’s an absolute certainty the drinks consumed on the night would not have included Hot Chocolate, it was very much a case of ‘So You Win Again’ at the club’s second Sports Quiz night in Glasgow on Thursday, as Eddie Mulheron’s Fan Club again took the honours.

Winning team members Davie Paterson and Jim McGuigan had to reduce their squad size from six to four. The McCorkindales dropped out, but the boys took the opportunity to draft in Catherine Richmond, alongside her dad Raymond, and they certainly didn’t let the side down.

Dougie Donnelly’s consummate professionalism as quizmaster was never called into question and neither was the eventual outcome if the post-quiz banter is to be believed. However, The Rotten Mob (messrs Hutchison, Williamson, McIntyre and Jack) and Rail Madrid (messrs Wilson, Boyle, Weir and Kerr) ran them close until the closing stages.

The special guest was the legendary Eddie Mulheron and he played his part in Kelly’s Zero’s (messrs Mulheron Snr, Mulheron Jnr, Kelly) battle with The Heeby Jeeby’s (Barrie J, Barrie C and Morrison) although it’s not known whether he ‘got’ Colin Stein on this occasion!

David MacPherson, who organised the event, and Gordon Sydney, who provided the questions, would like to thank; Dougie Donnelly, Eddie Mulheron and son Sean for taking the time to come along, the Walkabout Bar and staff and, last but not least, all those who came along on the night and played their part in an enjoyable evening.