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Player Jersey Sponsorships 2014-15

Jersey sponsorships for the 2014-15 campaign are available to secure now, with the latest list of sponsors and remaining slots shown below.

You can sponsor your chosen Clyde star for the new season at the following prices:-

  • Individual shirt: £80 (inc. vat)
  • Home and away set: £150
  • Home, away and third set: £225

Barclay, Jamie      
Capuano, Giuseppe      
Daly, Michael      
Durie, Scott      
Ferguson, Barry Robert Miller PTS Clean John Taylor
Ferguson, Scott      
Francis, Ryan      
Graham, Gary      
Gray, David      
Gray, Iain Ian Swinburne Ian Swinburne  
Marsh, David      
McColm, Stuart      
McGhee, Fraser      
McKinnon, Ross      
McManus, Scott      
McQueen, Brian      
Rajovic, Nic      
Scullion, Pat Ally Mac    
Sinclair, David      
Sweeney, John      
Young, Gordon      
Watt, Kevin      

Please contact commercial director Gary Ballantyne (07753 663397 / as early as possible to secure your favourite player. Sponsors will receive the player’s autographed jersey at the end of the season and are also acknowledged within the club’s award-winning matchday programme, The Clyde View.

“We hope that fans will take the opportunity to support each player accordingly,” Gary said. “All monies received will go directly towards developing the squad.”