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A Positive Reaction

Club director Bobby Gracey spoke to the official website today, to discuss the response to the recent announcement regarding the creation of the club’s budget development fund.

“The reaction has been very positive,” Bobby said. “The majority of owners fully understand the need to better align ownership of the club to the actual day-to-day running costs.

“I would like to personally thank everyone who has been in touch. I hope that if we all work together we can meet and exceed our £30,000 target and, if possible, create a cash surplus that can be reinvested into the playing squad come the January transfer window.

“Donations to the club can be made in man,y many ways. There has been a real interest in further supporting our lottery, to hopefully create a ‘win win’ for one of our owners or fans.

“In addition I would like to clarify the process in relation to creating a standing order with the club as there appears to be some uncertainty. In this respect, our fans and owners can simply download a standing order form, complete their banking information and hand it in to the Clyde Office and the club will do the rest.

“Finally, on behalf of the entire board of directors, please accept our thanks and gratitude for making such a difference and also collectively demonstrating to all fans of Scottish Football why Clyde FC have elected to have a 100% fan based ownership model.

“Together as a collective force we can achieve so much more.”