New Owners Q&A Section

Clyde FC was the first Scottish senior club to be wholly member owned and although this means that our members are involved in key decisions and determine the composition of the Board, we recognise that communication can always be improved upon.

Therefore, we are pleased to launch this Boardroom Q&A section on the website, designed to bridge that communication gap.

As a Board we hope this section will give you, as owners, regular access to Directors and the opportunity to post questions about the running of the club, ask for clarification on issues or simply quash a rumour that concerns you.

We will endeavour to answer every enquiry as quickly as possible but at times matters may be commercially confidential or have to stay within the boardroom until an issue is fully resolved. If that is the case we will clearly state that but as often as we can we will attempt to answer your query within 5 working days.

We trust that this will be welcomed as a constructive attempt to enhance communication between the club and its owners and will help us all to work together to rebuild The Bully Wee.

Owners with a website account can click here to visit the page now, where you can submit any question you would like to ask.