Duffy: “Sustainable Growth Needed”

Having confirmed his own future at the club Jim Duffy spoke to www.clydefc.co.uk and in the second part of his interview, the manager immediately rebutted any suggestion of specific targets for the club in the 2011-12 campaign…

“My only concern is to help the club be in a position to progress in a sustainable and effective way. As I’ve said before that might be slower than some supporters hope but everyone will need to be patient and not get anxious or carried away. I believe that slow steady progress is what the club needs. To some that will sound lacking in ambition but for me it is just about being realistic as the club has been stagnating on the pitch over the last few years. This way will take time but it will be much more effective in the long run. We need to rebuild extensively so next season, for me, it isn’t about going all out for promotion at the expense of putting in the proper foundations; it is about strengthening the club for the long term.
Jim continued, “Since I’ve arrived the commitment of the players has been first class and the job of Chic and myself is to nurture and blend individual skills into a collective unit. We’ve moved forward as a result this season and we are looking forward to making progress again next year.”

Will there be another major upheaval in players?

“To some extent that will be in the hands of the players, deals will be offered as to what the club can afford and some may want to try and see what other offers are open to them but my hope is that we keep a nucleus of the current squad. It is not good for the club to continually have such a large turnaround of players each year.

“The deal to stay was only finalised late last week so its early days in that regard. I only told the players on Thursday night that Chic and I would be here for the foreseeable future so I will be talking to the squad over the next while and making the necessary decisions as we build for next season.

“The players know what we can offer and I know them and that makes a difference.”