NLLT K.O. Boxing Day Fayre

Whilst the severe weather continues to threaten our Boxing Day fixture with Dumbarton, the club has been advised by the new landlords of Broadwood Stadium that they will not be providing any catering facilities to supporters on the day due to reductions in cost being applied to catering staff by the new landlord.
The club has taken this to the highest level within North Lanarkshire Leisure Trust (NLLT) requesting a reversal of this completely unacceptable decision which has been issued at short notice, unfortunately this request has not been granted and we have been advised that there will be no catering within the stadium. NLLT has suggested that they may be able to organise a van outside of the stadium but this has not yet been confirmed.
The club wishes to apologise to all of its supporters and to our prospective visitors from Dumbarton for this embarrassing and unacceptable situation and we assure you that we will do what we can to diminish the impact of this decision on supporters.