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Put Clyde on Your Desktop!

Last week, the club’s 2009-10 photoshoot took place at Broadwood. Below is the team picture…

BACK: Mark Casey, Ally Park, Jordan Allan, Calum Reidford, Alan Lithgow, Scott Gair
MIDDLE: Lindsay Hamilton (goalkeeping coach), Darren Walker, Steven Howarth, Paul McLeod, Jay Lang, Paul Stewart, Conn Boyle, Willie Sawyers, John Brown (manager), Iain McKinlay (physio)
FRONT: Connor Cassidy, Jamie Doyle, Adam Coakley, Robert Halliday, Marvyn Wilson, Dave McKay, Jonathon Fisher, Alan McFadden, Connor Stevenson

You can download an official desktop background below, courtesy of It’s available in two sizes, to suit your computer or laptop:-

1. Right click on the link above
2. Select “Save Target As…”
3. Save the file somewhere you can find it!
4. On Windows machines, you can then right click on the file and choose “Set as Desktop Background”