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Clyde 3 V 3 Dundee

Once more Broadwood was host to an entertaining draw. In a game in which Dundee twice held the lead it was Paul McHale who was the Clyde hero, coming off the bench to hit a glorious equalising goal.

Graham Roberts gave his assessment of the match: “I thought our defending was poor but our attacking was good. When you score three goals you think you are going to win the game. I can’t remember them scoring a decent goal. The first one, Kevin Macdonald got pushed, the second one was a sloppy goal as Eddie Malone knocked it back into their midfield player, the third one a long throw in which we didn’t compete.”

“Saying that. we scored some decent goals there. I enjoyed the game but our defending was poor first half, we could have got the ball out wider to Michael McGowan a bit quicker.”

“I thought we created a lot more chances than them but we didn’t put the ball in the back of the net but it was entertaining for the fans.”

Graham also had some thoughts on second half sub Robert Harris (pictured right), “He is a good boy. He has got a good future and we just need to build him up a bit, get a bit of fat on him!”

Dundee boss Alan Kernaghan also spoke to the media, “I’m frustrated again. I keep telling them the same things but they don’t listen. Second half we scored the goal but they didn’t do what we asked them to do at half time, Clyde’s equaliser comes from what we asked our players to do and it was done against us: playing the ball down the sides and that caused us problems.”

As for double goalscorer Tam McManus, Mr Kernaghan said: “It was the best I’ve seen Tam play he played for the team and deserved his goals. He just ran out of steam at the end, the same as Marshall last week. It’s just unfortunate as they can’t get enough games during the week. They train hard but it’s not the same as playing.”