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Postponed Match – Some Further Information

The Club have been asked by several supporters to enlarge on last night’s news item announcing that the game had been postponed. We are happy to do that.

In Manager Billy Reid’s opinion the pitch was playable in the afternoon. He reckoned that if Clyde had called for an early inspection the pitch would have been given the all-clear. As the day progressed the rain continued and indeed became quite heavy; only then did any doubt about the game going ahead creep into his mind.

When Referee Dougie McDonald inspected the pitch he took around fifteen minutes to do so, a length of time that reflected that it was not a clear-cut decision. He then took the two managers into his dressing room to further discuss the matter. His decision was that the pitch was becoming waterlogged and as the rain was still falling he decided that it would be better not to start the game. That was around 6.30 pm.

That decision was immediately relayed to the Clyde Admin Office where the Club’s Press Liaison Officer, John Ruddy, phoned each of the radio stations to try to get the message over to as many people as possible.

This is the first time since moving to Broadwood Stadium that a Clyde match has been postponed due to a waterlogged pitch. Although circumstances made the decision unavoidable, Clyde Football Club apologise to supporters of both clubs for the inconvenience caused.