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Help The Bully Wee – Join The Twenty Three!

Gordon Thomson’s news item on the website last Wednesday about Craig Bryson’s new contract began with the phrase “In a move which owes much to the continuing efforts of the Supporters’ Trust”. He was specifically thinking about the Bully Wee Fund.

When the Fund was launched it was asserted that it had “the potential to directly improve Clyde FC’s fortunes on the pitch”. That’s quite a claim; now it’s a fact that was willingly acknowledged by Manager Billy Reid when the Bryson deal was announced. “It’s a big, big thing for the Club that we have got Craig signed up,” said the Manager, “and it’s great that everybody has pulled together to make it happen. I would only offer the same rallying call to any supporters who haven’t signed up to the Bully Wee Fund as other people have. If you can afford to help out the Club in this way, you can be sure that every little bit helps, as this news has shown.”

Such a recommendation comes from a manager who has worked miracles on a very tightly controlled budget, a team boss who had been willing to make economies elsewhere in his budget to enable him to put an even greater emphasis on improving and enlarging the playing squad.

Currently there are twenty-three Clyde supporters who are collectively contributing £512 per month to the Bully Wee Fund. That’s an average of £22 per month which is absolutely fantastic.

The Trust has an even more ambitious target for the Bully Wee Fund. They would like people to contribute up to £30 a month – “£1 a day or a half pint” as they have succinctly put it. It is of course recognised that such a sum may be beyond some people and any amount above the minimum of £5 per month will be warmly welcomed.

Billy Reid could have invented the phrase “every penny counts”