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Pat’s Message to Fans

Departing fans’ favourite Pat Keogh decided that he couldn’t leave The Bully Wee without sending a message out to the support. You can read his moving comments below…

My Dear Friends,

I am writing this two weeks after my last game for Clyde FC and yes, I still have that horrible feeling in the pit of my stomach. Leaving the club after 6 years has been a huge wrench for me, not only because of my family connection with Clyde but because of you folk, the men, women and kids who follow The Bully Wee through thick and thin, on cold winters days at Arbroath or in the teeming rain in Dingwall. Please believe me when I say I appreciate every single one of you and will never ever forget the support you gave me both on and off the park. I hope you saw that I gave nothing less than 100% effort for Clyde every time I turned out in front of you.

As always in football there are highs and lows. I will never forget my first goal for the club against our friends from Maryhill and being a Maryhill lad myself you can imagine the pride I took in that and of course having a wee wind up with some of the local Jags fans. Winning the Second Division was also a high point in my Bully Wee life as we were just beginning to grow then and all the hard work put in by players and management came to fruition; it was worth it just to see the smiles on Bully Wee fans’ faces. The lows of course were the times I was injured and had to sit out games (I’m a poor spectator) but obviously the biggest disappointment was failing to lift the league this season. Even the hat-trick against Brechin could not console me after the game and the knowledge that it was my last in a Clyde jersey and we had not delivered the goods had my heart aching with sadness.

It is now time for me to move on and I’m joining up with Ronnie and Alan at Hamilton Academicals (better the devil you know eh). I’m looking forward to a new season and I think that once the pre season starts I might be able to get rid of the feeling of missing you all and step up to a new challenge. Now don’t be too hard on me when I come back to Broadwood (if selected) because I always want to see you as Clyde fans should be – passionate for the club and the jersey and appreciative of good football.

I would also like to thank all at Clyde FC for giving me my start in professional football and to say I’ve met a few wonderful people in my time at the club would be an understatement, but never forget YOU have been the most wonderful people in my footballing life – some of you have become very special to me (you know who you are).

Let me conclude by saying that it has been MY privilege to pull on the Clyde jersey and play for YOU and who knows, maybe one day I’ll be back at the club that I will miss so very much.

God Bless each and every one of you.

Pat Keogh