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Additional 2004/05 Season Ticket Info

We’ve already had a fantastic response to the 2004/05 discounted season ticket offer and can now relay some supplementary information to fans able to show their support at this early stage.

Remember that anyone that buys a season ticket before 2pm on Saturday 8th May will receive it for £260 (adult) or £130 (OAP, Student) regardless of whether it’s SPL or First Division football next season.

– In the event of First Division football, these will remain the prices but in the event of SPL football the charge after the 8th May will be £290 for adults and £150 for OAPs and students.

– Cup games will not be included in the price regardless.

– The season ticket will take account of any car park charges implemented in 2004/05.

– An under-18 season ticket will cost £60 regardless.

– An under-12 season ticket will cost £30 regardless.

Once again we would like to stress the significance of the success of this scheme and thank all Bully Wee fans for giving it their due consideration.