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High Cross Internet Poty (V St Mirren)

For the second week running, Bryn Halliwell has won the High Cross Man of the Match award after winning the fast-growing public text vote.

The vastly improving keeper won 78% of the vote for his fine performance, well ahead of second place man Leigh Hinds. Stevie Convery and Jack Ross complete the group of players that won votes.

Like Alan Kernaghan last month, Bryn is now quickly moving up the overall table but he is still 1 award behind his boss and the other leader, John Fraser.

Internet Player of the Year Table

1st – John Fraser and Alan Kernaghan (both 3 MotM awards)
2nd – Jack Ross, Leigh Hinds and Bryn Halliwell (all 2 MotM awards)
3rd – Andy McClay, Pat Keogh, Andy Millen and John Potter (all 1 MotM awards)
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