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Jack Ross’ Diary – Keep On Moving

BBC Sport Online diarist and Clyde captain Jack Ross admits he may have to consider a move in the summer to realise his ambition of playing in the SPL.

The past months have witnessed a seemingly endless number of days when rain has fallen in Scotland, a rather depressing and grey spell of weather that has prompted much media coverage of the record number of people migrating to sunnier climes. It is therefore rather apt that a couple of recent footballing stories should revolve around time spent in foreign lands and foreign leagues. Firstly and more easily identifiable was the success achieved by Maurice Johnston in the USA. He will, of course, be eternally associated with more dramatic football news and yet he has enjoyed a somewhat Indian summer while playing in Kansas and has spoken highly of both the league and lifestyle across the Atlantic.

Secondly, and maybe new to those who do not read past news of the Old Firm is the story of the career of Paul Ritchie, a striker now plying his trade with Inverness CT. Paul had a relatively successful early career culminating in Premier League football with Dundee. However, when his future was deemed by others to lie elsewhere, he ventured to Hong Kong. By his own admission, his experience was one that brought much pleasure and that still enabled him to return to a respectable level in Scottish football. As an apprentice footballer I cleaned Paul’s boots at Dundee. I therefore know that he is an intelligent and articulate individual as well as being a dedicated and responsible footballer. Such a combination ensured that he was destined to be successful in a foreign society.

As recently as last summer I was given the opportunity to play in Melbourne for two years. The decision not to accept this offer was a combination of reluctance to be apart from my girlfriend who is still studying at university, and my ambition to play in the Scottish Premier League. An ambition I would love to realise with the club I have a deep affection for – Clyde. The club’s ambitions have never been more challenged than at this time, as the disruption of management and executive changes have resulted in us facing a fight to avoid relegation and secure our place in next season’s First Division. Circumstances are forever changing as recent events emphasise and my own personal development is no exception.

Therefore it may be that I have to reconsider my own career direction this summer. Whatever path I choose to follow, I know that in my time at Clyde I have been as committed to the Bully Wee cause as I possibly could have been. I therefore hope that the current management and executive have ambitions that match my own.