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Digital Season Cards 2020-21

The club is delighted to launch an innovative digital Season Card for the 2020-21 campaign, which provides supporters with credit to the value of a regular season ticket to spend as they wish at the club.

Season Cards will be pre-loaded with either £250 [adults] or £50 [under 18s].

You'll be able to top up your balance throughout the season and the TicketCo Wallet app lets you see exactly how much you have remining on your card at any time.

At the end of the season, any unspent balances can be withdrawn, donated to the Club or rolled over to the following season.

Don't forget, although you do need a single mobile number to register, your Season Card is yours to use as you wish. You can pay a friend into a game, pick up some Christmas presents in the Club Shop or even buy someone a pint in the Arria!

Season Card Walk-Up/Cash Price
Adult Matchday Entry £13 £17
Adult Concession Matchday Entry £13 £14
Under-18 Matchday Entry £1 £5
Under-12 Matchday Entry £0.50 £1

Your Season Card can be used at almost every touch point around Broadwood. In addition, you'll also receive a minimum of £5 discount on hospitality, a minimum 10% discount from the Club Shop and a minimum of 10% discount on non-matchday events such as our annual Fans v Fans match, Race Nights and Awards Night.

You can even use your Season Card for annual ownership, matchday programmes and in the Arria Lounge. There'll also be much more opportunities throughout the season to get some great value.

The Digital Season Card will be stored on the TicketCo Wallet app that you can use and download for free on your smartphone.

Alternative arrangements can be made for any supporter without access to a smartphone, to have the same benefits. Please contact the club after making your purchase.