Bully Wee Fund

The BULLY WEE FUND is an initiative organised by the Clyde Supporters' Trust. The fund has the potential to directly improve Clyde FC's fortunes on the pitch.

Our aim is simple - to put money into a pot that will be directly used to maintain and improve the quality of player that the coaching staff has available to them. The Bully Wee Fund gives you the opportunity to influence the standard of squad we have available.

Supporters give in two ways, either by regular standing orders or one off donations. At present nearly 40 members contribute in the region of £10k a year to the fund.

All monies donated to the fund are specifically ring-fenced and can only be used upon the request of the head coach.

Since its launch in 2004, the Bully Wee Fund has been partly or fully responsible for securing the signatures of numerous players, including; Craig Bryson, Tom Brighton, Neil McGregor, David Hutton, Jorg Albertz, Michael Ohnesorge and Connor Stevenson.

The Bully Wee Fund demonstrates that by fans working together they really can make a difference.

A standing order mandate can be downloaded using the link to the right of this page or, if you require any more information or would like to make a one-off donation, please don’t hesitate to contact any member of the Trust board.