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Week of Football: Football Memories

Our celebration of the SFA’s Week of Football concludes today with the highlighting of the many good works done by the world leading Football Memories project.

The Football Memories project is a national sports reminiscence programme that aims to support people experiencing social isolation, loneliness or living with memory loss conditions through the power of football. Some of the objectives of the project are:

  • To provide a fun and friendly environment for people to share their football memories and stories with others
  • To create a network of football reminiscence groups across Scotland that meet in various settings such as football clubs, community halls, libraries, care homes and hospitals
  • To work with partner organisations and sports to expand the scope and reach of the project
  • To collect and preserve football memorabilia and images that can be used as reminiscence resources
  • To involve volunteers, staff and players from football clubs and associations in the delivery of the project
  • To raise awareness and understanding of memory loss conditions and the benefits of reminiscence therapy

Clyde FC Community Foundation have fully embraced the work done by Football Memories Scotland; in fact we had already begun our own local sporting memories programme for Dementia sufferers over in the Calderwood area of East Kilbride. The Foundation, through grant funding from Semble (Project Dirt) then expanded our monthly sporting memories programme at Broadwood Stadium featuring several local care homes in partnership with CACE (Cumbernauld Action on Care of the Elderly) .

CACE enjoyed a great day out at Broadwood stadium provided by Clyde FC, there were many activities including picking our best Scottish 11 from years gone by, and the real Scottish Cup trophy was in attendance. You can watch a video of the day.

Our final sporting memories culminated with a traditional Christmas Dinner but in keeping with the football theme, Christmas tunes were replaced with well-known football songs/chants plus a video game of guess the football stadium.

Football Memories Scotland serves the Alzheimer Scotland Football Memories project and aims to provide football images for reminiscence activity. Based at Hampden Park, Football Memories group run nationally on a weekly and monthly basis.

For more info on Football Memories please visit Football Memories Scotland