Homesbook Factoring McGouldrick's Pool and Sports Bar

Club Statement

Following our match against Cove Rangers in January of this year, supporters will recall that Clyde FC investigated the matter of an alleged racist chant or shout directed at a Cove Rangers player during play. The allegation was made by the player himself on social media, but no formal complaint was submitted either to the club, police or to the football authorities.

In spite of negative publicity at that time, the club made no public comment on our internal findings whilst the evidence was being assessed externally. We are now, finally, in a position to comment.

Clyde FC takes very seriously its duty of care towards all players and supporters attending matches, and is fully committed to ensuring that they do so in an environment free from racial abuse. The club is entirely satisfied that we have exercised that duty of care successfully in this instance. Video footage, and the multiple testimonies received from spectators in the vicinity, have provided what we regard as irrefutable evidence that the allegedly racist shout was neither racist nor directed at any Cove Rangers player as was claimed.

The club also has a duty of care to ensure that its patrons are not falsely accused of inappropriate actions or behaviour. In this respect, we fully accept the alternative explanation provided by the individual who was accused, corroborated by many supporters in the area and by stewards on duty at the match.

We would like to put on record our appreciation of those supporters who came forward with their accounts of that day. From their testimonies, it is apparent to us that if a racist comment had been heard in the vicinity, any perpetrator would have had no prospect of going unchecked by our own support. Football, and society more generally, has a way to go before achieving the levels of inclusivity for which we strive, but the reaction of our supporters to this allegation should be some cause for optimism