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Final Lottery Draw Before Break

The Clyde FC Lottery has its closing draw on Wednesday, before the annual close season break.

The jackpot remains at £20,000 and tickets will be on sale at Broadwood at tomorrow’s play-off match against Edinburgh City. Agents can be found in the Arria Lounge and at the food/drink kiosk in the Main Stand, for supporters wanting to have one more chance of winning a big prize before the summer period. Online entry is also available.

Following the Wednesday 15th May draw, it will resume again on Wednesday 10th July. Online plays, including multiple week entries, will therefore be available again from 4th July.

Should the jackpot not be won on Wednesday, it will remain frozen at £20,000 until the 10h July draw.

Clyde director Gordon Nisbet said:-

“Our weekly lottery still remains at the forefront of our fundraising initiatives. Once again the club would like to thank the small lottery team and its devoted agents for their time commitment throughout the season, helping to make the lottery as successful as it is. Of course, without the regular entrants there would be no lottery, so an obvious huge appreciation to them too.”