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Powerchair Partnership Begins

Thursday’s Clyde Powerchair training session saw a new partnership form between the Clyde Community Foundation and the Powerchair team.

Danny Lennon and first team players Tom Lang and Blair Currie took part in a friendly match between the Powerchair team, some of who are internationalists, and the Community Foundation. Chairman, Rev John McKinnon and other members of the Foundation board were in attendance, along with Tom and Karen Elliott.

Robert Sweeney, Powerchair volunteer said: “Clyde Powerchair FC was formed in September 2012 and since then the club, and the sport nationally, has grown to the extent that we now have a Scotland squad in which seven of our players are involved. There’s also the potential of CPFC being involved in European competitions in the coming seasons.”

At training, John McKinnon and Danny Lennon addressed the team, volunteers, parents, guardians and carers and welcomed them all, as they join an affiliation under the Clyde Community Foundation banner. 

After the official welcomes, the fun match commenced, with Danny, Tom and Blair joining a team that took on the Powerchair players.

John said: “It’s been a real privilege to work with the Powerchair team to get to this stage of officially welcoming them under the umbrella of the Clyde Community Foundation. This partnership will lead to greater resourcing, that will lead to greater awareness and for all of us to work together as a Club and a Foundation to achieve greater things for the future of the Powerchair team. We also look forward to welcoming Colin to joining the Foundation board, not just in terms of representing Powerchair FC but also bringing his own skill set to assist the trustees with our charitable foundation.”

Danny added: “It was great to be there on Thursday and officially welcome everyone involved in Powerchair to the Club and the Foundation. It’s great to see us all wearing the same kit, knowing that we are all representing Clyde – we are all equal and support each other. This is what Clyde FC is all about; being a family, working together and being a part of something that touches every single one of our hearts. I’ve used the Powerchair team in a number of my team talks as they are an inspiration. We look forward to having them back at Broadwood to support the first team.”

Tom Elliott concluded by saying, “The Community Foundation is delighted to welcome Clyde Powerchair in becoming a part of our charity and we look forward to the future, working with and supporting the teams and volunteers.”