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Sports Science Programme for Community Players

The Clyde Foundation has teamed up with New College Lanarkshire health and fitness students based at Broadwood to deliver a sports science programme to all its community team players over the next few months.

The aim of the programme is to create a trackable fitness portfolio for all Clyde community team players, develop good fitness/technique habits in players and to give each player a grounding in strength and conditioning.

Over the next eight weeks, the students will work with the players at the beginning of each session.

Tom Elliott, community development manager, said:-

“Last week all players went through a battery of tests, including; batch testing (tests/protocols determined by student group), speed, flexibility, agility, power and balance.

“In the coming weeks, all players will receive a standardised introduction to S&C techniques – for example press up, squat, balance and landing techniques. 

“We have excellent facilities at Broadwood and getting the opportunity to work with the college and use their experience and expertise was a no brainer. It can only help our young players to develop.

“This is another great benefit of our community football team programme.”