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Chairman’s Update

I’m now four months into the role of Chairman of our club and, with a two week League break ahead, I wanted to take the opportunity to give a short update to supporters.

To start, I must highlight that I have, despite the challenges and the perceived lack of progress recently, enjoyed the role and getting to know better the good and committed people around the club.

I am acutely aware that three points on a Saturday is what supporters want and that it’s been a difficult and frustrating few weeks on the pitch. A win, like the one at Stirling, induces that Saturday night feel-good factor which we all love. The board and I are very much focussed on this and, of course, we do not consider our current league position as an indicator of positive progress – it is not. I can assure you that all at the club recognise this.

Real, long-term and sustainable progress can only be achieved through critical and fundamental changes and improvements to the club’s managerial, operational and commercial operations. That, of course, helps to create the environment for three points to come in and, most importantly, more often. This is the key to promoting the club’s status. 

There are many areas we have yet to improve, however I am delighted to report that good, progressive change is happening, information of which we will be able to give in the near future. All that we are doing demonstrates that we are fully committed to addressing the impediments (there were many!) to footballing progress. We will continue to work hard and smart, in a quiet but very focussed way, particularly over the next couple of months. 

At the start of my appointment I presented the club’s paradoxical position of having strengths but many weaknesses and that it was full of tensions. I indicated clearly and honestly to all that I considered that my job was to lessen those tensions, and that is happening. We are developing strong partnerships and relationship, ensuring everyone knows what we are all about and that there are new ways. I also asked everyone to question what the club’s purpose is and asked the same of everyone engaged with the club. We, all of us, should continue to question things and seek better ways of achieving our purpose.

I am not one for clichés or standard lines… but Clyde is different! In what way? The supporters’ desire and expectations are high and that is great. It’s what I love about the support and I do not want this to ever change. This authentic desire and aspiration is in the Clyde DNA and this will contribute towards the club’s progress. Every person at the club however needs to be able to handle this, through being fully dedicated, responsible and accountable, and understanding the need to deliver results for the club.

I want to thank all of you that continue to support the club, on a matchday and/or through our other initiatives. The board are delighted at the early subscription level to the 200 Fund and our key Sporting Dinner event is now only a few weeks away. This will be very different to those held in previous years – or at any other club – and I’d ask you to please book as early as possible.

So, in summary; to date I am more than content with the overall progress but like all of our supporters, I’m not happy with our current league position. I am satisfied though that there has been significant core improvements around the club. The supporters must, in parallel, continue to demand progress and positively support the club, its management and players in achieving success. This is all part of gaining what we want out of our combined purpose. 

Thank you. 

Norrie Innes