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200 Fund – Deadline Approaching

The club would like to remind supporters that the deadline for signing up to the new 200 Fund and ensuring inclusion in the opening draw is Wednesday 2nd August, with nearly half of the available slots now allocated.

To join, visit the dedicated Clyde FC GoCardless page for a quick and simple payment authorisation process.

Speaking this evening, Clyde director Gordon Nisbet said: “Primarily, the club would like to thank those who have signed up to our new, ring-fenced player budget fundraising initiative. Since its launch only a week ago, the response has been very encouraging and currently we are approaching the 50% mark of our bold target.

“Hopefully, as the season progresses and word continues to get around, the number of entrants will also see progression. We all want a strong Bully Wee team on the park and enrolling in this initiative is one sure way to help attain that objective.”

The first draw will take place at the Annan Athletic match on Saturday 12th August.

The 200 Fund, which has the specific purpose of increasing the player budget available to the management team, allows supporters to contribute directly to the first team and also enter a fortnightly draw to win a significant cash prize.

The new venture will run on the basis of a 50-50 split of the total funds collected, with the profit to the club being potentially £18,000 over the course of the season. This will be entirely ring fenced for player budget purposes.

If the target of 200 subscribers is achieved, it will also produce a guaranteed £1000 winner at every one of the club’s home league games.

How it works:

  • The cost will be £5 per week
  • The method of payment is GoCardless, which has a simple sign-up procedure as below. Payment will be taken on a Friday.
  • A personal draw number (1-200) will be allocated to each subscriber
  • A draw will take place pitchside at half-time every home league game
  • The winning entrant will be announced via the tannoy and on the club website
  • Entrants can sign up for multiple plays (up to 5 per person) – anyone wishing to take multiple plays should contact to confirm the number.

This new initiative is intended to replace the current half-time draw and will also see the withdrawal of the current car parking fee, allowing important resources to be freed up elsewhere on a matchday.