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Supporter Liaison Officer Appointed

The club is pleased to announce the appointment of John Anderson as Clyde’s Supporter Liaison Officer.

John has been assisting the club in this area since the middle of last season and his appointment to the role was formalised earlier this month.

The concept of the SLO being mandatory for clubs competing in European competition was implemented in 2012 and is a direct result of a lot of hard work from Supporters Direct. In the foreword to UEFA’s SLO handbook, UEFA president Michel Platini says: “Supporters are the lifeblood at the very heart of professional football. We believe [SLOs] will prove to be a significant step in ensuring better communication between clubs and their supporters. Over time, the SLO requirement will become an important and integral part of the club football landscape.”

The SLO is a communication link between supporters and fans and can help to establish real, constructive dialogue.

On matchdays, as the club’s SLO, John will be involved with security and police meetings. At present, the club meets with stewards and stadium staff pre-game. Potential issues will be discussed and plans made to ensure visiting fans are directed to the relevant area of the stand and also made aware of the location of stadium facilities.

John will work along with the stewards to ensure there is no aggravation between fans, that Ground Regulations are known and abided to by both sets of fans and a general good atmosphere is created in which to watch the match in comfort and safety.

John can be contacted by email at

Vice chairman John Taylor said:-

“The Scottish FA has embraced the UEFA requirements to the extent that this is now a requirement at the higher levels in the Scottish game. At Clyde, we wanted to extend what is regarded as best practice to our own club.

“We have taken the lead in order to improve the matchday experience for home and visiting fans at Broadwood. We are delighted that John has accepted the role and further changes to matchday arrangements are currently being planned.”