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Club Insight

The club is pleased to launch a new initiative for supporters on its official website. Club Insight (found under the News menu) will provide regular updates and insight into the work of the board and other club contributors, as they carry out their duties and fulfill their responsibilities.

It will allow supporters to be informed of the work being delivered off the park. It will contain facts, rather than fiction. It will also, on occasion, enable supporters to learn at an early stage of new ideas and activities as the club strives to progress.

The board wants to see a sustainable future for the club. A future where The Bully Wee succeeds on and off the park with a support and wider community that works together. Every time our team crosses that white line we can do nothing but support the team; we can’t influence the outcome. That is sport, but off the park we can all be influential by working together and building a successful and sustainable future.

As a club, we have set out on a path to change our circumstances, focussing on a plan that would ultimately result in the club becoming central to a community. Our key objective is to build a network, a community, of people and businesses that for whatever reason, are interested in Clyde Football Club. A community of interest built around what the club does on the park, but equally, what it achieves off the park, and critically by combining the activities of the club and the Clyde Community Foundation to deliver in a way that raises the standing of the club.

The last couple of years have seen the club and the Foundation recognised at the highest level for its community work. A consistently high quality delivery has established our reputation and has attracted significant funding to the Foundation and the club. More importantly, it has begun to build that critical community of interest of businesses and individuals that are interested in the club and its future. 

The work, of course, is ongoing. Challenges remain as we seek to deliver a sustainable future for our club, but we trust that the new Club Insight feature will give supporters information and regular encouragement that your club is working hard to achieve its key objectives.

Sustaining – Succeeding – Together