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Monday, 13th March 2017 12:03pm

Various activities have taken place over the last few days and other items confirmed for the near future:-

Regular meetings are being held with the new management team as Jon Paul and Peter settle into the roles. In addition to arrangements for the first team squad, work has been ongoing to confirm training arrangements and potential additions to backroom support including kit management, physiotherapy and goalkeeping.

SFA Data Sharing Agreement: Paperwork completed and submitted to SFA to ensure compliance with Child Protection policies

SPFL Club Meeting: Regular Meeting held and attended. Main items for discussion included:

- The impact of minimum wage legislation. The club will be required to review previous salary payments and factor in legislation to any future budgets this includes travel time.
- The impact of strict liability proposal by James Dornan MSP. The club will prepare and submit a response to the consultation.
- The impact of Project Brave: Discussion about the potential inclusion of Colts teams in SFL League structure and future of development leagues.

The club will have a representative at a full day Supporter Liaison Officer meeting, to be held at McDiarmid Stadium, Perth on Thursday 23rd March.

Wednesday, 1st March 2017 8:19am

The club's hospitality manager has this week completed mandatory alcohol service training. Three more volunteers will also take the training course this week, allowing Clyde to directly run the third floor bar on home matchdays.

Monday, 27th February 2017 6:01pm

The monthly Board meeting takes place tonight and will review the situation regarding the vacant managerial position.
Meanwhile, assistant manager Bob Malcolm will take charge of the team for tomorrow night’s game against Montrose.

Thursday, 23rd February 2017 4:58pm

Assistant manager, Bob Malcolm was unable to attend a disciplinary tribunal meeting today due to road conditions. The SFA agreed to postpone the hearing until the 2nd March.

Monday, 20th February 2017 8:27pm

Representatives of the club met with the SFA today, to discuss ongoing location plans.
The quarterly review meeting was held with NLL managing director, as was the fortnightly meeting with the manager.
A fundraising group also met to review the current year's planned activity.

Sunday, 19th February 2017 11:49am

The next batch of Lottery ticket distribution was organised this week, with a meeting with the printer and uplift of our tickets for the next couple of months. March tickets have been sorted and arranged, for distribution to our Lottery Agents this weekend.

Thursday, 16th February 2017 10:52pm

At the monthly Glasgow FA (GFA) meeting today, proposals to extend and develop Clyde FC in the development of Futsal capabilities and participation in the GFA Futsal League were discussed. SFA funded coach education courses are available and it is the club’s intention to make use of this opportunity.
Looking ahead the club, through the foundation, will again be participating in the annual GFA Football Festival in April, nominating five local primary schools.

Thursday, 16th February 2017 3:03pm

Following a meeting with NLL Catering Management today, it was agreed that Clyde will take responsibility for the running of the bar facility in the third floor Executive Suite at the stadium on matchdays. This is subject to Clyde staff completing the necessary mandatory training.

Wednesday, 15th February 2017 6:32pm

Following our Scottish Cup match, the club is required to complete a survey on the impact of the new initiative of the 4th substitute rule. Following a number of requests from the global football community, The IFAB decided in 2016 to analyse what impact the use of 4th substitutions in matches with extra time would have on the match and its outcome. Based on discussions with its various bodies, The IFAB drafted the terms of reference for this experiment so that The IFAB can take a decision at the 2018 AGM. The overall objective of this project is to establish whether the implementation of 4th substitutes in matches with extra time will benefit the game.

The research will therefore analyse:

1. What is the impact on the game itself? i.e. does the use of 4th subs lead to
a. more goals in extra time
b. fewer kicks from the penalty mark

2. Is there a player welfare benefit as a result of a ‘tired’ player begin replaced and thus being less susceptible to injury?

3. Is the 4th substitute used tactically or genuinely for player welfare?

4. Does the potential to use all four substitutes during extra time (and thus change more than a third of the team) have an unfair impact on the match?

5. How often does a substitute (and especially a 4th substitute) score or become significantly involved in the scoring of a goal (s) in extra time?

6. What is the impact on the emotions of the game?

The survey requires input from the coaching and medical staff and requires detailed analysis of the match itself including the timing of the substitutions, the positions of the players replaced and the impact on the score and match. All information is required to be submitted within 5 days of the match’s completion.

Wednesday, 15th February 2017 1:27pm

After last's night painful defeat, we are now looking ahead to Elgin City on Saturday and a sponsor has been found to assist with the costs of the forthcoming trip. The manager was keen to continue to travel North the evening before the match in order to give the club the best opportunity to return with maximum points, at this critical time in the campaign.