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Saturday, 1st June 2019 3:17pm


• Board Meetings
During close season meetings have increased to oversee preparations for the new campaign.

Discussions held with our landlords over pitch replacement and the impact this will have on club, including some enhancements to matchday facilities.

• Betfred Cup
Awaiting fixture list from SPFL before finalising individual match arrangements.

• Glasgow Cup
Confirmation that Clyde are returning to compete in the Glasgow Cup after a four year absence. The competition will commence in late August in a 'round robin' format, with all five member clubs playing each other on a home and away basis.

• Season Ticket Prices
Discussed and agreed. It is always necessary to balance the demands of funding a competitive squad and ensuring there is value for money for supporters. One difference this year was the amendment of the under-12 price. This was solely due to lessen the administration burden on matchdays.

• Additional Support
Additional volunteer support in finance management identified and now assisting the club.
A commercial role to enhance sales and sponsorship considered, with the club identifying and approaching potential candidates. In the interim period, Directors will continue to identify potential sponsors and review current fundraising activities. However it is hoped that a postholder will be in place prior to the start of the season.

• Football Report
In addition to players retained and signed, there remains ongoing contract discussions with other players.
The manager met with the squad on 23rd May and has been speaking to players on an individual basis regarding their future with the club.

Friday, 16th November 2018 1:45pm


• Finance Report
As standard, the Board received a breakdown of the current financial position detailing income levels and expenditure. Current risks were identified as was, following the Scottish Cup exit, the importance of meeting and surpassing previously set fundraising and events targets.
Work is ongoing in preparation for the forthcoming AGM in December, with discussions being held with the auditors to finalise the accounts which will be signed off at the November board meeting.

• Football
Customary meetings were held with the management team to discuss current form and training preparation.
Communication with NLL regarding training lets and use of the stadium. In order to accommodate the club in preparing for matchdays, Clyde will now have use of the main Broadwood pitch on Thursdays prior to home games.

• Commercial Activities
Development, promotion and success of commercial activities is critical to the success of the club and discussions were held around how the club can maximise this income. Consideration also for additional volunteer resources to support sales of events.

• Attendance Figures
Communications ongoing to improve and widen travel options to Broadwood on matchdays.

• Fundraising
11000 tickets have been distributed for the Christmas Raffle, with a positive uptake from all community sides. Prizes sourced and the full list was published.
Arrangements have commenced for the annual Sports Dinner, with date likely to be in February or March - awaiting confirmation of venue and availability.

• SFA Audit
In relation to next year's audit, a disability access audit of the stadium has been commissioned by NLL. A volunteer disability access officer has been appointed.

• Matchday Operatons
Continued monitoring of Arria Lounge patronage in order to maximise its usage and ensure that people have at least two reasons to attend a match! Discussion also held with Arria Silver members for their views of the lounge and its facilities.
Revised parking arrangements will continue to be featured in Friday match previews to inform supporters.

• Community Foundation
Growth of work continues with meetings being held with community teams and a number of school based projects also agreed.
It was noted that the 2004 team had reached the regional League Cup Final, to be held at Ochilview on Sunday 2nd December at 10am.

• Child Protection and Wellbeing Group
Meetings ongoing as the club is currently working through SFA recommendations. Awaiting SFA visit. Additional training programme being developed to deliver to coaches.

Wednesday, 10th October 2018 6:44pm


• The transfer window may have closed but there remains plenty of activity in addition to matchdays. Bounce games with local junior sides are being arranged in order to keep players on the fringe of first team duty match fit, with several trialists being brought in to supplement the squad.

• SPFL meetings have been attended, including the club being represented on the Competitions Working Group that reviews all SPFL Cup and League competitions, as well as planning for the future. This includes planning for the fixture calendar, Betfred Cup and the IRN-BRU Cup.

• Following an incident in the match v Annan Athletic, the Club attended an SFA disciplinary tribunal due to being charged with a breach of rule 204 (where three or more players and/or members of Team Staff from one team are involved in a confrontation with opposing players and/or members of Team Staff of the opposing team during and/or directly after a match). The club was required to prepare its case including video footage and appear in person in front of the panel to discuss the charge. The outcome of the tribunal was a £250 fine suspended until end of season 2018-19.

• Discussions continue with the club's kit supplier to ensure kit supplied for first team is accurate and sufficient to the needs of the players and coaching staff. Also working on ways to broaden sales to supporters and community.

• Monthly board meetings continue to be held to ensure robust monitoring of budget income and expenditure in addition to other governance matters.

• Development of Arria Lounge provision continues as club works with NLL to help maximise its income. This has included opening up on Saturday mornings to provide snacks/refreshments to spectators attending the children and youth matches held at Broadwood.

• A series of meetings and discussions being held with various potential commercial partners who wish to align themselves with the club.

• Continued efforts are being made to sell sponsorship and maximise sales including hospitality and match, player, ball sponsorship and the Christmas Raffle.

• Meetings held to review training facilities and enhance match preparation

• The Club attended the Child Protection and Wellbeing Officers Network meeting co-ordinated by the SFA. This is held quarterly and is mandatory for all clubs. This includes working through the recommendations from the SFA Interim report on Child Abuse. The club has appointed a Child Wellbeing and Protection officer and a task group to oversee this area of work has commenced. This group will oversee policy and practice but also have responsibility to compile an action plan to implement the required 51 recommendations for SPFL clubs.

• The club received confirmation that it has successfully retained its SFA Club Licensing Bronze Status following the audit visit in June.

• The club attended the North Lanarkshire Suicide Prevention event in Ravenscraig with all the other senior sides in North Lanarkshire.

• Work continues within the Foundation as agreements are reached with a number of schools to deliver training and educational programmes in the forthcoming school year. Preparation for October Camps are in place and the community football teams are all in action as their league and cup campaigns get underway

• Agreement has been reached to integrate all community activities - e.g. Cumbernauld and Toryglen community football and Powerchair - under the banner of the club's charitable foundation. The process is now being agreed to make the necessary arrangements to ensure a smooth transition and continue to build on the good work that is taking place.

Monday, 13th August 2018 10:27am


:: Football
Update report on playing squad and preparations for season.

:: Governance and interaction with SFA/SPFL
Outcome of the audit for forthcoming season. Co-option of Gordon Thomson into SPFL Competitions Working Group. Review of player contracts to ensure consistency with staffing handbook. SPFL AGM attended. Consideration given to the implementation of weekly Board telephone conference to further enhance coordination of activities.

:: Finance Report
Update and scrutiny of 2018-19 budget, noting targets for commercial and fundraising income.

:: Commercial
Update on MJM partnership and other commercial partnerships with the aim to develop increased income streams and interest in club.

:: Fundraising Initiatives
200 Fund promotion, Lottery sales and Christmas raffle and sports dinner discussed. Confirmation of Arria usage and communication to Silver Arria.

:: Matchday Operations
Review of matchday operations following Motherwell game including stewarding usage of Arria and further discussion regarding cashless entry to games.

:: Wellbeing and Safeguarding
Wellbeing and Protection Group formed 4th June. National Network meeting to be attended 9th August this will include a presentation on SFA Interim Report on Child Abuse.

:: Community Foundation
Update on current activity and grant applications.

Wednesday, 4th July 2018 11:31am


The season's end brings about a series of tasks and actions to prepare for the new campaign...

:: Football

A large number of meetings and negotiations held with signing targets, their families and agents in order to bolster and sustain current squad

SPFL and SFA Meetings attended. The SPFL AGM will be held later in the month.

An SFA Audit took place as the club works to maintain its bronze status at Broadwood

Additional support for match analysis for the coaching staff was secured in order to help performance review and match preparation.

Discussions were held with kit supplier to ensure kit supplied for first team is accurate and sufficient to the needs of the first team squad and coaching staff.

Work is being undertaken to upgrade the home dressing room.

Preparation for Equality and Diversity Training, including identifying a lead trainer.

:: Operational Arrangements

Meetings being held to confirm matchday stewarding arrangements for the season ahead.

Meetings held with individuals willing to be volunteers in assisting matchday activities.

Meetings held to adopt Child Wellbeing Policies and Procedures. This includes formation of new Board sub-group to oversee this area, promote good practice and review any issues arising.

Confirmation of new arrangements that will see the matchday boardroom return to the third floor and all commercial activities to be based on the first floor, within the Arria Lounge.

Meetings held to develop new system for 'cashless' admission at future matches at Broadwood.

Meeting held with NHS Lanarkshire to discuss Suicide Prevention campaign and launch in line with this new sponsorship package.

:: Commercial

Confirmation of extension of the secondment of member of SPFL staff to support commercial activities for next six months.

Meetings held and work undertaken in assisting the deliver the Live at the Loch event, which is an example of how the club is attempting to broaden income streams. The Arria Lounge is also now fully functioning.

A matrix of sponsorship opportunities was compiled and all are working to engage with individuals and companies to back the club for the season ahead.

:: Foundation

Several applications for funding submitted and now awaiting outcome.

Preparation for summer camps is ongoing.

Discussions commenced with partner groups to streamline disclosure procedures and assist future planning.

A number of parents’ nights held for each community team, as well as an Awards evening at Broadwood.

Wednesday, 23rd May 2018 4:49pm


- Board co-option of Claire Thornber
It was unanimously agreed to co-opt Claire onto the board at the April meeting. Claire, a partner in a city law firm, will assist the board by bringing her legal skills and expertise to the club.

-Executive Club review
Ongoing discussion on the shape of the successor offering to the Executive Club, with a target date of 23rd May for the launch.

- Budget process
Meetings being held to finalise 2017-18 year and produce a budget for 2018-19.

- Football Report
A series of meetings held with the manager to identify signing targets for 2018-19 season. In addition to this, plans are being confirmed for pre-season training arrangements and friendly matches.

- Player Contracts
Contract amendments to be implemented prior to confirmation of new deals with players.
Kit deal
Two year deal with sports supplier agreed and confirmation of shirt sponsors to be announced in due course.

- Clyde Events
Branding being developed to officially launch Arria venue. The new venue will raise monies for the club throughout the year with a greater share of revenue being returned if the booking is made via Clyde FC.

- Fundraising - Lottery & Flying Start
Arrangements made for ‘Flying Start’ to be launched.

- SFA Club Licensing audit
The SFA will visit Broadwood visit on 25th May to conduct the annual audit of the club.

- Disclosure Scotland - Children & Wellbeing
Revised system now in place to ensure full compliance.

- Matchday Operations
Discussion regarding pre-season meetings/inductions with players to raise awareness of in-house procedures including additional training, medical checks, etc.

Action plan developed for compliance.

- SPFL General Meeting / Divisional Meeting / SFA AGM
Meetings to be attended by club in May/June.

Tuesday, 10th April 2018 9:36am


- SFA Club Licensing Criteria
Considerable work has been undertaken in this area in recent weeks, in preparation for the SFA audit next month.

- Medical Team
The club has achieved silver status within this criteria and this represents the playing squad having access to enhanced medical support not only on matchdays but also during the week.

- Children and Wellbeing Requirements
With the club having a small number of under-18 players, this requirement was traditionally less taxing for the club but this year there has been an enhanced enforcement of this by the SFA and SPFL and the club has put in place the necessary policies and procedures. For the club this has also been the joining of Disclosure Scotland, the establishment of specific roles e.g. Lead and Authorised signatories and a Child and wellbeing Officer. A series of regular Children Network meetings are also a requirement.

- Stadium
Various meetings have also been held in regard to ensuring that Broadwood retains its bronze criteria. This includes maintenance and upgrading of the floodlighting system and the playing surface.

- Stadium Development
Significant time and work has been spent on the refurbishment of the new Bar 58 area and the establishment of the Arria Lounge, which will be launched at the Awards night on the 14th April. This facility will provide the club not only with an enhanced space to host hospitality but also the potential to earn regular income on non matchdays, as the spaces hosts private functions and conferences.

- Kit Supplier
Meetings have been held to identify a new kit supplier for the 2018-19 season and this will be announced when a deal is completed with the preferred provider.

- New Season Preparations
Work ongoing to identify shirt sponsors for all three of the new playing kits. Discussions are about to conclude on 'walk up' and season ticket pricing for 2018-19.

- Playing Squad
Ongoing meetings are being held as the club prepares for the 2018-19 season. This has been wide ranging from discussing playing budget, pre-season preparations, training lets and of course meetings with the manager as he considers the playing squad.

- Awards Night and Legends Lunch
A series of meetings have been held to prepare for both events and to work to ensure that these are memorable occasions for supporters.

Tuesday, 6th February 2018 11:01am

- January 2018

Following the notice of complaint from the SFA in regards to Ally Love’s alleged breach of rule 202, the club has held several meetings with the player as he prepares to attend the tribunal. In addition to this the club met its obligations in its communications with the SFA Compliance Officer.

The club met with SFA Child Wellbeing and Protection Manager to discuss implementation and maintaining of the appropriate policies and procedures at the club. This will include the appointment of a club child protection and wellbeing officer as well as ensuring club staff and officials undertake the appropriate training. This is to ensure compliance for the 2018 SFA Club Licensing audit.

Discussions were ongoing with potential kit suppliers for the 2018-19 season.

Much focus was placed up on the first team playing squad this month, during the duration of the transfer window. This work started on New Year’s day with the signing of Ally Love and was completed with the signing of Dylan Cogill and Jack Boyle from Huddersfield on 31st January. The latter two are an example of how transfers require to follow strict procedures; as both players played in England, the temporary transfer required agreement between both clubs and both the English FA and the Scottish FA before the required paperwork was approved and the players were eligible for the squad. Similarly the signing of Stephane Kipre required the club to secure inter-national clearance from the French FA. The club also was in regular contact with the SFA Registration Department to ensure that the protocol and the rules regarding the varied types of loans/transfers were met.

Football admin also takes the fore with regards to the Under-20s side. The management team are busy building the squad for the second half of the development campaign and as such trialists are being used in these matches. Before featuring a trialist the appropriate forms have to be completed and submitted to the SPFL prior to the game to allow the individual player to play.

During the month the club was represented at the SPFL General Meeting and Glasgow FA meetings.
There were several meetings regarding the redevelopment of the new Arria lounge and hospitality area within Broadwood, as work commences to improve the matchday experience for supporters.

The winter weather brings its challenges not only on matchdays but also on training. Regularly throughout the month of January a significant amount of time was spent in securing alternative training lets to ensure that match preparation was not disrupted during the cold snap.

Finally, we were delighted to welcome back club volunteers James Turnbull, Andy Muir and Allan Wilson, while also welcoming John Boyce, with one former and long serving volunteer also preparing to return to assist on matchdays.