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Clyde Extend Broadwood Lease

Clyde FC has agreed a new lease with North Lanarkshire Leisure (NLL) which gives the club the opportunity to remain at Broadwood for the next five years and with the chance to develop a permanent arrangement.

Welcoming the new deal, Clyde Vice Chairman John Taylor said: “The new management team at NLL have shown a real commitment to the club over the last six months, and the deal gives both parties the opportunity to develop a new and more productive relationship.

“Meanwhile, with the full knowledge of NLL, we continue to pursue opportunities at three other potential locations, all designed to achieve to the club’s objective of securing a sustainable business and community model to safeguard the club’s future.”

Barry Ferguson said: “From a playing perspective, we are delighted to be remaining here at Broadwood and using the excellent facilities the stadium offers. It’s a great place to play our football.”

Cllr Barry McCulloch, Chair of North Lanarkshire Leisure, said: “Over the years Broadwood has developed into a sporting hub of national significance, with tennis, BMX, gymnastics, rugby, martial arts, badminton and fitness all on offer, but football was where it all started and it remains a key part of the stadium’s offering. I look forward to working with the board of Clyde to pursue our joint goals.”

Emma Walker, Managing Director of North Lanarkshire Leisure, added: “This new agreement is a win-win for both parties and we’ve shown that by working together we can support each other to achieve our shared objectives.”

John Taylor concluded: “Negotiations regarding the alignment of the club objectives with that of NLL are ongoing. These will remain confidential but NLL understand that if a sustainable business and community model can be established at Broadwood then there would be no need to leave an excellent stadium, which can rightly claim to be a developing and vibrant sporting community hub.”