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Supporters Consultation Tonight

A reminder to all fans that the first supporters consultation event will take place at Broadwood tonight, with a 7pm start.

As previously announced, the club is set to embark on a series of meetings to review its vision and prioritise its objectives, as it looks to the future. Engagement with supporters throughout this process is critical for its success.

An online survey will be launched shortly and two workshops will be held to try to maximise participation.

Chief Executive, David Douglas commented, “In previous years the Board has developed plans, but these have been more internally focussed. The Board and myself recognised that we need to widen the conversation about our priorities and increase the participation in any review process, in order to ensure that the aims and objectives of Clyde are formed from a shared vision, collated from the views of all supporters.”

The two workshops will take place on the following dates:-

  • Monday 18th April, 7-9pm at Broadwood Stadium
  • Wednesday 27th April, 7-9pm at Rutherglen Town Hall

David continued, “I’m delighted that our manager, Barry Ferguson has also embraced this process and he will be attending both sessions to add his views and make himself available for supporters to question.

“Each evening will have short presentations and a variety of group discussions, on topics including; where are we now? What is working well? What requires to change? We’ll also be looking to the future to confirm where we want to be and, more importantly, how we get there. The last part is vital, as these can’t be talking shops with no actions. This is a genuine effort to be inclusive as the club will be stronger by people working together. 

“For those unable to attend we will be distributing a survey for people to complete and add their views. I’m genuinely excited as I think this process is unique for a club in the SPFL. There is no monopoly on good ideas and we want to include everyone’s views.

“In the short time I have been around the club I have recognised the passion people have for Clyde and we hope that this process will capture this and help to shape the club’s vision and future.”