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Chairman’s New Year Message

Looking forward is a way of life for most football supporters, always looking to the next match or even the next season. We are often looking for a reason to be optimistic to make up for some other disappointment. As we enter 2016, Clyde supporters have good reason to be pleased and to look forward to the next match following a rich vein of form from a highly motivated team.

Most of us hope that as long as things are going well on the park then nothing else matters. If only that were true. As we go into the New Year, challenges on and off the park can be overcome by uniting around a common objective – support the team. It has become common practice for many to find a reason to be disgruntled and then put effort into using it as a reason not to support the team or the club as a whole; half of that effort put behind the club would make a positive difference.

If the New Year is an opportunity for positive change then the good performances on the park are reason enough for all Clyde supporters to come out in force and support their team. 

As a club we must look forward, far beyond the next match and the next season. We are doing that in working towards a sustainable new home, a project that has never been smooth but remains absolutely critical to the future of the club. These projects are long and complicated but have clear objectives based on years of experience, some of it painful. Only the right move will allow our club to build from strong foundations.

Thankfully, most supporters want the move to be successful and are behind the current efforts. We want to recreate the type of atmosphere created by a vocal travelling support at Annan. That victory showed that it’s not about having 8,000 seats; a hard-working team in a compact ground with supporter focussed facilities and an enthusiastic support can give us all we want.

The board of Clyde Football Club wish everyone a great New Year and urge all supporters to get behind the club and give support to our team, as they face a tough last half of the season.

– John Alexander