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Marsh Making Midfield Mark

David Marsh’s role for Clyde has changed dramatically over the last decade, with the once Broadwood ball boy now playing a key role in Barry Ferguson’s midfield.

The 25-year-old spoke to the official website and explained how he first got involved with The Bully Wee… and his efforts to get on television when the club was challenging at the top of the second tier of Scottish football:-

“I was born in Cumbernauld so Clyde has always been my local team. 

“I used to always kick a ball about down at Broadwood. When I must have been about 12, I was walking by the stadium when there was a Clyde game on so I said to the guy on the door, ‘how do you become a ball boy?’. He told me that all I had to do was turn up at quarter to three on a Saturday. That was it, I ended up being a ball boy at every game for two years.

“So in Clyde’s heyday in recent times, I was there for every game and every time we scored I used to try to run behind the goal to get on the highlights show on STV! Ever since those two years as a ball boy I have been a Clyde fan and obviously even more so now that I am playing for the team.”

Since joining the club as a player, Marsh’s role has changed again. Signed from Cumbernauld United as a central defender, he is now flourishing as a central midfielder – a change which he certainly seems to have enjoyed:-

“The transition from defence to midfield means I am definitely involved a lot more and the fact that the results have been good makes it so much better. If I had gone into midfield and we were losing every week I would start to question, is this really for me? But the fact that we’ve had a good run is certainly a positive. 

“I think my fitness has kept me in the position rather than my first touch! But I am doing everything I can to improve my game as a midfielder. The gaffer is constantly giving me advice and I have the likes of JP McGovern, Scott McLaughlin, Sean Higgins and Hugh Murray all around me who all have plenty of experience. Mark Roberts also helps me out after training. They are all a huge help if you are willing to listen, which I certainly am.”

Marsh and his team-mates were without a game at the weekend, however this week the squad will be spurred on by the knowledge that a victory over East Stirling would send Clyde to the top of League Two. 

He concluded: “I think the break at the weekend might have helped us because we managed to get three good wins in before it so, if anything, we could enjoy the break and get away from things a bit. Sometimes it can become a lot because you are constantly at it, so the wee break could help and be a positive as we went into it in the best possible fashion. There were a few people with a couple of niggles so it will also help them. 

“We had last Tuesday and Thursday off and then we were training twice as hard on Saturday – so as much as we had a break, Saturday was like three sessions in one. 

“I think the last game, against Berwick, was the hardest test because over my four years at Clyde I think that is only the second time we have won down there. With Annan playing in the cup on Saturday it gives us the chance to go top and put the pressure on them, so I think that will drive everybody on. It’s now up to us to do it.”