Homesbook Factoring McGouldrick's Pool and Sports Bar

Club Statement: Review of Future Options

In response to delays at the proposed Langlands stadium development, the club is again reviewing its options for a long term home.

As reported at the recent open meeting, progress on the project has slowed to the extent that the club can no longer be confident about the timetable that originally looked very achievable. The club has since agreed with East Kilbride Community Trust that, whilst the Langlands project will continue, the club must now also look at alternatives.

Having been through an extensive review process previously, the options should be capable of being prioritised relatively quickly. The club has kept an open dialogue with some locations and other previously unexplored options have arisen which will be included in the review. 

In the circumstances, a natural consequence is that the board will set aside the authority given by the club’s owners to amend the name of the club. The authority was specifically granted on a successfully negotiated arrangement on a relocation to the Langlands site and any alternative proposal will be presented to owners separately.

The objective for the club remains unchanged; to be a community based club that is relevant to an entire community, which will in turn underpin the development of the club as it moves back up the leagues.